3 Couple Goals Aside from Traveling Together

3 Couple Goals Aside from Traveling Together

3 Couple Goals Aside from Traveling Together

Food trips, date nights, weekend travel. For sure, these will the top three couple goals. Just like any other couples, hindi rin nawawala sa amin ang tatlong ito but we’re glad that while we’re living our life to the fullest we’re also preparing financially for our future. On our second year, we’re glad that our

Life Insurance: Daddy’s Symbol of Love for Us

I wasn’t prepared… but Daddy was. Last month was the darkest chapter of my life. I had my heart broken several times in the past but nothing compares to the pain I’m feeling until now. Emotionally, I wasn’t really prepared. When I heard the words “wala na ang Daddy mo,” it broke my heart and

A Simple Millennials Investment Guide

Millennials often don’t appreciate yet the value of investing. One of the reasons might be because it’s difficult to understand the process and terms like fund type, holding period, risk classification, etc. However, investment isn’t really that complicated. As a millennial on her mid 20s, I’m delighted to share a simple investment guide to my

3 Financial Tips I Learned Before Turning 26

When you reach the age of 26, you’re neither too young nor too old. But since you’re already a quarter of a century old, you must be wiser now. As I turned 26 years old, I have a bunch of realizations not just about life but also about money matters. I realized that there are