Monde Nissin’s Sari Roti: to buy or not? (Product Review)

A couple of weeks ago, we’ve been reading several posts in Let’s Eat Pare Facebook group about Sari Roti. Upon checking, this latest brand of bread is manufactured by Monde Nissin Corporation. It comes in three (3) variants: Soft, Double Soft and Wheat. We decided to give it a try and bought the double soft and wheat variant because of the various positive comments on social media.

Here’s what can we say about the bread:

Sari Roti Double Soft Bread

We opened first Double Soft. It gives off a delicious aroma as soon as I opened the pack. I have to give them credit for this because they were true with their description of enticing aroma. You will definitely be tempted to take a bite once you smelled it. It had a buttery taste so you can eat it without any filling. However, there’s nothing extraordinary with the taste. I didn’t experience a ‘wow factor’ moment which I was expecting to happen because there was so much hype on social media.

The texture’s definitely softer compared to other breads. I actually tried the ‘roll and unroll test’ I’ve seen in Kris Aquino’s video. According to Kris, once you rolled and unroll a slice of bread and the form remained the same, the bread is good quality. I personally rolled the bread and it broke a bit but I think it still looked better if I will roll other brands of bread. (Watch the Kris’ video here)

Sari Roti Wheat Bread

It’s aroma is not as enticing as the double soft bread. It tastes better compare to other wheat breads. You’ll definitely enjoy every bite because of its smooth texture. I would recommend this for people who want to stay healthy but are not used to eating wheat bread.


Taste: 4 out of 5

Price: 3 out of 5

Sari Roti breads taste delicious but there’s nothing extraordinary. It’s worth a try but may not be practical to buy regularly because it’s expensive. Price ranges from Php 55.00 – Php 78.00 for a 350g pack which only has 8-9 slices. You can buy other breads with similar or better taste with the same or even cheaper price.

This product review is not a sponsored post and is based on our honest to goodness review.