27 Life Lessons I’ve Learned by 27

Liit turns 27 today! As I celebrate my birthday, I want to reflect and share some life lessons I’ve learned so far in my 27 years of existence.

On life

1. Life will hit you hard not just once but many times in your life.

2. You are braver than you think.

3. Happiness starts in you.

4. Learn to let go – whether it’s an opportunity you missed, a material thing you weren’t able to buy and most of all, a relationship that ended. Letting go gives you a better opportunity to receive what you truly deserve.

5. Less talk, less argument = less stress. Hence, always be the better person.

6. Money matters will always show the true colors of a person.

7. Greed ruins relationships.

On Family

8. Spend more time with your family.

9. Blood doesn’t define who’s your real family.

10. It’s okay to cut ties with people who don’t treat you as a family or even as a relative.

On Love

11. The best relationship begins unexpectedly.

12. No matter how many times you’ve been hurt in the past, there will always be one person who will love you and make you happy.

13. Choose to love the person everyday, even in bad days.

On Career

13. Know when to leave the company. The company can always replace you but you can never take back the time and effort you spent working for the company and the money you could have earned.

14. While it’s good to consider the salary, check also the workload if it’s worth it.

15. Yes, it’s flattering to receive better job offers from new companies every now and then; but, keep in mind that employers also consider one’s tenure.

On Finance

16. Make it a habit to create a monthly budget and/or list of your expenses.

17. Save first before spending!

18. Saving is good but investing is better.

19. The best time to invest is when you’re ready.

20. Getting a life insurance isn’t about anticipating for your death. It’s an act of love for your family.

On Health

21. No matter how busy you are, dedicate at least 30 minutes for exercise.

22. Vegetable salads aren’t bad at all. (Tip: Try Roasted Sesame Salad Dressing)

23. Don’t just exercise to look sexy. Stay fit because you want to be healthy.

On Self-Care

24. There’s nothing wrong in pampering yourself because you deserve it!

25. Traveling is a must to help you destress!

26. Try at least one new activity or sport when you have time.

Most of all, the most important among all these life lessons is to: NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, ALWAYS VALUE YOURSELF.